Time's up: Mojang's Scrolls to close in 2016

Remember all the fuss over Mojang‘s card stratgy game Scrolls? Well, it’s well and truly over now, with the Swedish developer announcing it will shut down the game’s servers in a year’s time.



In a post made to the official Scrolls website, developers explain that while it’s been a fun ride, the end is in sight.

After much deliberation, we’ve come to an important decision that we’d like to share: Echoes will be the last major content patch for Scrolls. We won’t be adding features or sets from now on, though we are planning to keep a close eye on game balance.

If you don’t remember the drama – back in 2011, Bethesda took Mojang to court over the name “Scrolls“, which was a little too close to “The Elder Scrolls” for comfort. This then lead to an injunction, and then after six months of courtroom fun, was all settled.

The game was finally launched in December 2014 after a lengthy beta period, but it seems its real-world existence will be a brief one.

Mojang has set a tentative closure date of July 1, 2016, but it might not be that simple. You can still buy and play Scrolls as much as you want, and any proceeds of the game will be fed right back into server costs, meaning the game may well be kept online for longer than that.

However, the studio says it won’t be chipping in any money of its own.

The launch of the Scrolls beta was a great success. Tens of thousands of players battled daily, and many of them remain active today. Unfortunately, the game has reached a point where it can no longer sustain continuous development.

Instead, Mojang will be shifting its attention back to Minecraft, which is currently the studio’s only active IP. For a hint at what the future might hold for that game, this weekend is MINECON in London – and you can watch all the action on Twitch.

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