Splatoon remix soundtrack album out now

Want a new soundtrack for those times when you’re not playing video games? Want to be reminded that you can be a squid and a kid at all times? The team at GameChops can help you! The record label’s latest pay-what-you-want release – Splatunes – is, as you might suspect, a remix album based entirely on Nintendo‘s ink-slinger, Splatoon!

The 14-track album features tunes by the GameChops “Squid Squad” – Dj CUTMAN, James Landino, Grimecraft, Ben Briggs, Ralfington and others – and you can grab it now in high-quality MP3, FLAC or the file format of your choice. Each tune is a remix or re-imagination of the original Splatoon soundtrack, and makes pretty good background music when you’re doing other stuff.

Name your price, or – if you’d prefer, you can enter zero into the box and get the entire album for free (maybe if you grab it and then like it, you could come back and chip in a few bucks?).

As an album, Splatunes is a little hit and miss – we aren’t terribly fond of the opening track, but the chip-tuney goodness picks up right from the first note of the second song.

Want a copy? Head to Splatunes on Bandcamp and name your price – while you’re there, you might like to check out the other GameChops compilation albums – there’s a whole stack, each one based on a different game, genre or franchise. If you like game music, it’s worth a listen.

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