Pokémon Shuffle: Catch 'em all on smartphone

You’ll soon be able to play Pokémon on your smartphone, as Pokémon Shuffle heads to both iOS and Android handsets. The free-to-play game – which is rather similar to Puzzle & Dragons – has been downloaded more than three million times to-date since its 3DS release in February 2015, and developers are hoping for more of the same when it makes the platform jump.

It’s worth noting that “developers” in this instance does not refer to Nintendo. Instead, Pokémon Shuffle is completely handled by The Pokémon Company, who is more than happy to branch out into different areas.

The free-to-play nature of the game is presented as a pretty standard restriction on play – you can enjoy five games for free during each play session. After they’ve run out, you can either pay real money for more sessions (by purchasign special tokens), or you can wait for things to regenerate.

While we do have the new trailer that clearly shows off mobile-related content, we don’t know any more about the project – so we can’t tell you when exactly Pokémon Shuffle will hit the App Store or Google Play… but you’d better believe we’re keeping an eye on it!

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