League of Legends: NA LCS Week 5 Recap

Officially passing the halfway point of the season, it’s time to start looking towards playoffs and where teams might end up. With CLG falling from first place, TSM taking over, and TDK finally showing up with their full roster, the week was full of ups and downs for many teams.

For those who are unfamiliar with professional League of Legends jargon, refer back to the NA LCS Week 1 Recap for a more in depth explanation of roles, what they do, and how the LCS is set up. With that, let’s dive into week 5!


League of Legends - North American LCS


Team SoloMid: 8-2
Officially taking back first place with a win over CLG, it looks like the old champions are eyeballing playoffs. With multiple team members still acknowledging issues within their team, as well as their gameplay, it’s no secret that they’re far from top form. However, with three of their players making the “OP Players” list for the week, the team is definitely improving and running with their 2-0 week.

Counter Logic Gaming: 7-3
They just can’t have first place, can they? Considered a “kill week” for the team, they went 0-2 against both Team SoloMid and Team Liquid. Winning either of the games would have continued to convince people that this really was their #GoldenAge. Despite both losses, their second place standing as well as their previous first place spot show that CLG is really looking towards a showing at Worlds for the first time since Season 2.

Gravity: 7-3
This week wasn’t particularly easy for Gravity either, going against the bloodthirsty Impulse and the intimidating Team Liquid. But unlike their second place partner CLG, Gravity ended up going 2-0 for the week, with AD Carry Altec even earning the weekly MVP. Both wins make them another contender for first place, and their game against TSM next week just might decide who takes the first place spot.

Team Dignitas: 7-3
At peak form last week, their two matches were supposed to be absolute stomps. Against Enemy eSports, they delivered. But it was the game against Team DragonKnights that really got everyone’s attention, with Dignitas going against their full roster. It ended with their loss, making their week 1-1 and pairing them up with Gravity and Counter Logic Gaming for current second place.

Team Liquid: 6-4
They may have only gone 1-1 this week, beating CLG and losing to Gravity, but a play by FeniX in the first game really surprised everyone and reminded them why banning Azir against him is important. Trapped at the bot lane turret, being ganked by 4 low health members of CLG, it looked like it would be a kill and a tower for the enemy. One fancy Shurima shuffle later and FeniX earned himself a quadra kill and the LCS big play of the week, as well as the “OP Player” in the mid-lane. Ban Azir.

Team Impulse: 5-5
Hey, at least they’re consistent at going 1-1 each week. Losing to Gravity and beating Cloud 9, Impulse once again managed to be one of the entertaining highlights of the week. While other teams have opted for safe play, relying on their scaling and team compositions to win the game, Impulse throws all of that out the window and starts killing and rotating as soon as they can. They’re holding their LCS spot strong and remain a team everyone has to watch out for.

Cloud 9: 3-7
Their match against Impulse was the closest anyone could get at being physically pained by a game. Fallen far from their glories of last year, it’s becoming clear just how important old mid-laner Hai was to the team. Despite Meteos’ confirmation that they would have a slow split, no one was expecting them to be struggling to keep their heads up. Despite the loss to Impulse, they did manage to beat Team DragonKnights, but that was the first day of the week, before they got their full roster.

Enemy eSports: 3-7
Getting smacked down by Dignitas, then bouncing back in forth in a loss against Team 8, NME is beginning to learn where they belong in the LCS. That is, at the bottom, battling to avoid the relegation matches that are beginning to appear on the horizon. It wasn’t a particularly strong showing for NME, who seems to rise and fall throughout the weeks in potential, all while keeping their spot near the bottom of the ladder.

Team 8: 3-7
Well, at least some fans have noticing the amusing series of numbers involving Team 8 and Cloud 9 both in 9th place. That’s got to count for something! With a 40+ minute game against Enemy eSports, it was once again similar to an elementary school slap fight. Dropping a game to Team SoloMid, any win for Team 8 at this point is much needed and hard fought, and at least they’ve got some wins under their belts.

Team DragonKnights: 1-9
This is the team that really shook things up at the LCS this week. Losing to Cloud 9 on day one, everything seemed to be according to plan as they lost yet again. The second day, the last place team finally acquired a full roster with the arrival of Ninja and Emperor from Korea. Plagued by subs and visa issues, they weren’t favorites when paired against the dominant Team Dignitas. It wasn’t until they pulled out a convincing win against the 2nd place team did that change. With their full roster magically working together regardless of lack of practice, they shocked more than just Dignitas. With everyone now on the team, as well as beating Dignitas, all they need is 9 wins to get into playoffs. It’ll be interesting to see if the revitalized team can do it.

Weekly OP Players:

Top: Team SoloMid Dyrus: 6.0 KDA and 23.2% DMG contribution in 2 wins


Jungle: Team SoloMid Santorin: 5/1/26 as Jarvan IV in 2 wins


Mid: Team Liquid FeniX: 11/0/5 as Azir in win against CLG


AD Carry: Gravity Altec: 16 kills and 36% DMG contribution in 2 wins


Support: Team SoloMid Lustboy: 0/4/12 as Alistar in win against CLG


Weekly MVP: Gravity Altec


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