Monument Valley releases free bonus levels

…speaking of mobile games, there’s good news for fans of Monument Valley! A visually-polished version of Ida’s Dream, released last year as part of a limited-release Project (RED) promotion, has now been made available on all platforms for free!

Sure, it’s not new new content – and if you’re a fan of the game, chances are you’ve already played these beautiful bonus levels – but if you haven’t yet, now’s a great chance to jump in. (If you haven’t played Monument Valley at all yet, then what are you waiting for? Go! Grab it! Play it! Play the new content! We’ll be here when you get back.)

Director of Games at developer ustwo, Neil McFarland, explains:

This is content that people haven’t been able to get, or just missed out on, and it’s just really good that we’re completing it now for the majority of players. Now everyone is going to have access to the entire chapter library of the game which we’re really excited about.

ustwo has not made any official statements on the topic, but it’s believed that this is likely to be the last content update for Monument Valley, as the developers move on to other projects.

That means that if you grab the base game, the Forgotten Shores expansion and the now-free Ida’s Dream content, you’ve got the full story as it’s currently told, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Whether or not it’s the end of Princess Ida’s story is a different question.

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