Everybody (with an iPhone) loves Fallout Shelter

Post-apocalyptic life sim Fallout Shelter is the most-downloaded game in a massive 48 countries, and the most-downloaded App of any kind in 25 countries after just a week on sale. It’s all part of Bethesda‘s plans for world domination in the leadup to Fallout 4.

Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios (also making Fallout 4), explains:

We play games on our phones all the time, and have always wanted to make one,” said Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios. “To have our first mobile game be enjoyed by so many is stunning. It just shows that gamers appreciate more depth and being treated fairly. It also shows people love Fallout as much as we do.

Howard also revealed that Fallout Shelter has been played more than 70 million times per day since its release – and I’m happy to say I contribute my fair share to that number.

If you’ve not yet played Fallout Shelter, it’s something a little bit different. If you’re expecting the action/RPG focus of upcoming Fallout 4, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, Bethesda has drawn on games like Tiny Tower, Little Computer People and Progress Quest – you create your very own Vault and then oversee the lives of your residents, managing their needs (water, power, food) and trying to keep them healthy and happy.

Fallout Shelter has been created to fill the gap (a bit) before November’s launch of Fallout 4. It’s currently only available for iOS devices, but Bethesda plans to bring the game to Android “soon”.

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