Gamer pays for Fallout 4 with 5kg of bottle caps

One North American gamer known simply as Seth had been frantically saving up for the inevitable reveal of Fallout 4, and he’s already shipped his life savings off to Bethesda… in the form of more than two thousand bottle caps. Now, the development team has responded, and it seems the exchange rate is favourable!

Seth's bottle cap collection

Seth’s bottle cap collection

Seth never actually counted quite how many caps he’d accumulated over the past seven years or so, but says it was more than 11.2 pounds of bottle caps (a significant chunk of these were from cider bottles, if you were curious). After weighing and doing some maths, he figures it was around 2,240 caps – which he figured “ought to cover” a Fallout 4 pre-order. (He couldn’t be certain, as he’d only seen prices listed in “pre-war dollars” and wasn’t sure of the exchange rate.)

He collected all the caps up in a box, and sent it off to Bethesda‘s studios in Maryland, not really expecting to hear anything back. His accompanying letter included his email address and Steam ID, as well as the suggestion that “if caps are not an acceptable form of payment”, he was sure the two parties could work something out.

The official response from a Bethesda developer

The official response from a Bethesda developer

Today, Seth has heard back! Matt Grandstaff from Bethesda both posted to Twitter and replied to Seth’s email in appropriate fanboy fashion.

Seth rephrases:

He told me since I was the first person to do this, I would be receiving a copy of the game this November, and that he would be running my caps over to deposit them at the People’s Bank of Point Lookout.

People's Bank of Point Lookout

People’s Bank of Point Lookout

(Note: Don’t try this yourself, folks – even if you could get 5kg of bottle caps together before the game launches in November, Bethesda has made it clear this is a special, one-off deal for Seth and only Seth.)

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