Batman: Arkham Knight "virtually unplayable" on PC

Batman: Arkham Knight has officially launched around the world, and even though we were told this would be the perfect ending to the trilogy, it seems the PC version, at least, is breaking hearts all over the place.

While long-time developer Rocksteady Studios worked on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, PC development duties were handballed to Iron Galaxy Studios (who also worked on the PC build of Batman: Arkham Origins, as well as the second season of Killer Instinct and the PS Vita version of Borderlands 2). Right now, it’s Iron Galaxy that’s copping the brunt of gamer anger.

Early reviews on the game’s Steam page list a wide range of issues with Arkham Knight, including abnormally low frames-per-second (reportedly dropping to 3fps in parts), graphical incompatibilities and in some cases hard crashes to desktop.

As well as the graphics issues, many gamers are also unhappy with Warner Bros‘ choice to use Denuvo DRM, which has been known to cause performance issues in the past.

Warner Bros updated the Batman: Arkham Knight minimum specs just before the game was released, acknowledging potential issues with AMD graphics cards in particular. However, gamers are reporting that even with the latest hardware installed (from either AMD or Nvidia), the issues remain.

Word from the publisher suggests the team is busily working on a fix:

We’re aware that some users are reporting performance issues with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. This is something that Rocksteady takes very seriously. We are working closely with our external PC development partner to make sure these issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

From all accounts, the Rocksteady-developed PS4 and Xbox One editions work smoothly (after the hefty inevitable Day One updates), but if you’ve got your heart set on playing Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, things are a little convoluted (and not guaranteed to work). AMD and Nvidia have released updated drivers which are specifically optimised to work with the game, while Destructoid has published a workaround that should fix some of the framerate issues (removing the 30fps cap, at least).

…on the other hand, if you’ve bought the game via Steam and don’t want to waste your time waiting for a fix, remember the new refund policy is there for a reason.

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