American McGee is now making mysterious bags

By now, we all know that American McGee loves his fairytales, so his new business venture shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Drawing on the successes and aesthetics of Alice, Madness Returns, Akaneiro and Grimm, McGee is now designing and producing gorgeous bags.

American McGee's Vorpal bag

American McGee’s Vorpal bag

His new project is called “Mysterious“, and his first bag is – of course – inspired by his personal twist on classic tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While each bag will draw on a different fairy tale, one story may inspire multiple bags (Red Riding Hood is already being turned into three – Red Bag, Big Teeth Bag, and Hunter’s Bag).

The first bag – Vorpal – is obviously a labour of love:

Black leather, black stainless steel, and horsehair trim are combined with elements such as the Mad Hatter’s mercury symbol, Alice’s butterfly, and an interior lining made up of alchemy symbols. Fans of my “Alice” series of games will find a lot to love.

Each bag will only be available in strictly limited quantities for a limited amount of time (there will only be 200 made of the First Edition bags), so if this is something that interests you, you’d better be on your toes. McGee is launching a new website for Mysterious “soon”, but in the meantime, to keep up to date with the latest news (including the site launch and all-important bag announcements), head to this sign-up page and share your details.

AmericanMcGee-Mysterious-Vorpal02 AmericanMcGee-Mysterious-Vorpal04 AmericanMcGee-Mysterious-Vorpal03

Curious about quality?

The bags planned so far are made from high quality leather, sourced from small-scale “mom and pop” suppliers in places like Thailand and Vietnam. Each bag is hand-made by an individual craftsperson, not on an assembly line. As such, only 200 bags per edition will be offered, with new editions only being made available every 3~4 months. We are aiming for a low-volume, high sustainability approach to the business.

As well as Alice and Red Riding Hood, McGee has also hinted at future bags featuring Cinderella and Snow White, promising that “wallets and other items for men will be added soon”.

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