Ubisoft working on mysterious Zombi title

Speaking of the Australian Classification Board, it looks like the powers that be might have just revealed something Ubisoft has been working on in secret – an Xbox One port of Wii U exclusive ZombiU.

We’ve heard nothing about the game, of course (although there was a weird Amazon France update late last year), but the title, “ZOMBI“; the rating, for “strong horror violence, blood and gore“; and the publisher, Ubisoft all hint that this could well be something interesting.

The original game didn’t quite make the splash Ubisoft had anticipated when it launched alongside the Nintendo console – it never really sold well at retail, critics were lukewarm over it, and Ubisoft itself acknowledged that ZombiU “wasn’t even close to profitable”.

Of course, ZOMBI might not be a straight next-gen port. It could be a sequel, follow-up, spin-off or other project set in the same world as the 2012 Wii U launch title – and we’d be fine with any of these.

We’ve contacted Ubisoft about the project, but – honestly – aren’t expecting much by way of response.

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