Which Team Fortress 2 character is gay?

Valve writer Jay Pinkerton has quietly acknowledged something many Team Fortress 2 fans have suspected for a while – one of the game’s supporting characters is gay, and has been all along.

While the studio remains steadfast in its silence about the Pyro’s identity, Pinkerton was a little more forthcoming about the Administrator’s loyal assistant, Miss Pauling.

The lovely Miss Pauling is not a playable character in the team-based shooter, but does play a role in the accompanying short films and comic releases, and recently has been placed as the Scout’s love interest.

Pinkerton posted some comic art over the weekend and a fan begged him not to make “Scout x Miss Pauling” a legitimate in-game relationship, to which the artist/author replied cryptically:

Nah. I’ve got a much better idea for Miss Pauling…

While fans pondered whether or not this would mean a big, comic death for the character, Pinkerton explained part of what this “better idea” actually involved:

We’ve never called it out. All the other female characters have been antagonistic to her, because comedy. But yeah, she’s gay.

However, this might be the only time we see this fact openly acknowledged by the game’s developers – there are no plans to work Miss Pinkerton’s sexuality into TF2 as a novelty, and Pinkerton has ruled out “shoehorning” it into the comics as some “big attention-grabbing reveal”. Instead, it’s simply part of what makes Miss Pauling who she is, and whether that comes up in future plotlines is yet to be seen.

It is not yet known how Scout will react to his crush’s secret.

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