36 Dishonored 2 is real, and so is its female protagonist!

Okay, okay. Act surprised. Bethesda really did reveal Dishonored 2 at E3, just like we knew they would. It looks glorious – and I’m more than happy to note there is a strong female character at play.

You can choose your protagonist – either the original game‘s Corvo Attano, or newcomer Emily Kaldwin – and play through the coastal city of Karnaca. Each assassin has their own unique set of tools, weapons and powers, so it’s not just a matter of aesthetics.

Details are, of course, still fairly sketchy at this stage, but the key things to note: Yes, Dishonored 2 is happening. Yes, it’s coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4. Yes, it’s happening in the first half of 2016.

…but if that’s not enough for you, that Dishonored Definitive Edition is also happening, and it’s coming to all three platforms “this fall” (read as: By the end of the year).

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