36 Did Bethesda just reveal Dishonored 2?

Over the years, we’ve seen big announcements leaked in all sorts of ways, but we think Bethesda may have just taken the cake, seemingly spoiling its own reveal thanks to someone leaving a microphone turned on during a rehearsal of tomorrow’s pre-E3 press conference.



We’re not quite sure why the publisher had any sort of open mic anywhere near a broadcasting station, but hey. Gamers who had the stream open more than 24 hours before the official conference – including YouTuber Matty Schroeder – were reportedly treated to a discussion about something set to happen tomorrow.

Specifically, the conversation centred on a presentation by Harvey Smith, co-director of the first Dishonored, who has been reportedly working on a follow-up with Arkane Studios in Lyons, France since the first game was released in 2012. The French-accented voice you can hear receiving stage directions is Raph Colantonio, president of Arkane, while other Bethesda bigwigs Pete Hines and Todd Howard can also be heard.

All official traces of the recording have been wiped, but… this is the internet:

Technically, there is no mention of “Dishonored 2“, but it is clear that Raph and Harvey (mentioned by name) are discussing a new game which will be revealed properly at tomorrow’s gala event.

Even if the game they are talking about is not a sequel to the 2012 stealth action title, this is a fascinating insight into just how choreographed these E3 press events really are (the discussion is over Raph talking too fast and making a scripted interruption sound forced). You can almost hear the technician’s spine turn to ice as he realises the open mic is broadcasting to the world.

For what it’s worth, Bethesda took the leak in style, reacting with just two public comments.

The first, in the Twitch stream where it all happened was simply “derp“.

The second, showing ridiculous class from the publisher, was posted to Twitter:

Twitch test a success. Tune in tomorrow night at 6:45 pm PT for more surprises. #BE3

Remember, you can watch the Bethesda press conference live from E3 at E3PressConferences.com, complete with countdowns and timers customised for your timezone!

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