36 Is Catalyst the Mirror's Edge sequel?

We’re guessing that EA is getting ready to show off that Mirror’s Edge sequel/reboot at E3 next week, and it looks like we should start thinking of it as something other than just “Mirror’s Edge 2“.

Just a week out from the publisher’s big showcase (When is it in my timezone?), eagle-eyed gamers have spotted a new trademark registration for EA. Trademark registrations happen all the time, but they’re not usually accompanied by artwork posted on the official Mirror’s Edge Facebook page.

What is Catalyst?

What is Catalyst?

We first heard about the new Mirror’s Edge back in 2013 with a quick teaser at E3, then in 2014 we were shown that the game was still in development, but no real details.

Now we’re hearing stories that the game is looking at an early 2016 release date (take that with a grain of salt), as well as these two little catalysts.

Could Catalyst be the name of the new game? Technically, the trademark registration could be for anything – a novel, a comic, some other sort of spin-off – but the Facebook post does make things that little bit more interesting.

Either way, we (hopefully!) don’t have long to wait before we find out properly: EA is holding its traditional pre-E3 press conference next Monday, Los Angeles time (When is it in my timezone?), so we’d assume an update is forthcoming.

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