Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Draft script is "finished"

The first draft of the script for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is officially done, according to writer James Gunn. The movie itself is still a long way off (May 5, 2017!), but we’re already getting a little bit excited about the further adventures of Star-Lord and friends.

This is it, folks!

This is it, folks!

…and it seems we’re not the only one. Chris Pratt, the actor who plays Peter Quill/Star-Lord, has read the original treatment of the script. While keeping quiet on specifics and spoilers, Pratt has shared a few juicy tidbits: The movie will explain who Star-Lord’s father is (apparently it was never meant to be a big mystery), it will have a kick-ass soundtrack just like the first, and it’ll be one hell of an emotional ride.

What I will say is that his pitch and his idea legitimately put tears in my eyes. It is so good. It’s so good. And I cannot wait to get started on it and I cannot wait for people to see what he’s gonna to pull off with the second movie. It’s gonna be so, so big and so good. From what I understand, they were like – they heard it at Marvel and they said nothing. They were like, perfect. There was no micromanaging of the idea. They just loved it so much that they didn’t have a note for it. It’s going to be remarkable.

Gunn explains that he took 48 days straight (no rest for the wicked!) to write the first draft of the script, and that even though Guardians is a Marvel franchise, the studio had very little input into the “risky” storyline.

If you really need a Marvel movie fix before GOTG2 in 2017, you’re not without options: There’s Ant-Man in July this year, Captain America: Civil War in May 2016 and Doctor Strange in November 2016… and after Guardians, there’s plenty more still to come, with movies planned right up until 2019.

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