36 New Gears of War studio gets a new name

The studio working on the next Gears of War has had a facelift. Say “goodbye” to Black Tusk Studios, and “hello” to The Coalition. As far as we know, that’s the only change that’s taken place – and if you’re getting a distinct Gears vibe from the name, you’re not the only one.

The studio is still headed up by former Epic dev Rod Fergusson, who explains the name change:

The Coalition speaks to who we are as a team, and what it is we’re working on. A coalition is a team of diverse individuals working together for a common purpose, a concept that we feel describes our studio quite well.

Of course, fans of the franchise will quickly recognise that it’s also rather similar to the COG from Gears of War – that is, the Coalition of Ordered Governments. It’s a great name, but does kinda suggest that the studio could turn out to be a one-trick pony, only creating games in that one universe.

Fergusson even touches on this:

When people hear 343 Industries, they associate it with Halo; when they hear Turn 10 Studios, they know that’s who makes Forza. Moving forward, when you hear The Coalition, we want you to think of Gears of War.

Regardless of what’s planned for the future, the studio definitely is working on the next Gears of War game for Microsoft – and Fergusson promises we’ll get more information on the new game at the Xbox press conference on June 15 at this year’s E3.

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