36 What is this Fallout-themed clock counting down to?

Bethesda has been keeping very quiet on the topic of Fallout 4. That is, until now, when the studio’s dropped a quiet pre-E3 bombshell that looks like it just might put an end to the years of hoaxes.

Something's coming...

Something’s coming…

In case you weren’t sure quite what the something was, the image, posted to Twitter, leads to a countdown timer at http://fallout.bethsoft.com/ – that should give you a fair idea.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Snooping through the website’s source text reveals a few other juicy tidbits:

PA system failure has occured.
Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes.
Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day.

If you’re not up on your Fallout trivia, the Masterbrain is a Vault-Tec security droid from Fallout 3 (although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a reference to The Master from the original game).

Early snoops also found a reference to “Fallout 4” hidden within the source code – that’s now been deleted, but it’s enough to give us hope that this won’t be a polished HD rerelease, remake, or potential spinoff.

If you were hoping for a true “next-gen” experience, this might be the only disappointing thing: There are references to both Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as Xbox One and PS4 consoles (plus hints about both PC and Mac releases), so it looks like this version of Fallout 4 might be cross-platform and covering all its bases.

This all fits in beautifully with the ongoing leaks and rumours about Fallout 4 – including the theory that the game will take place in what is known today as Boston. We were expecting a super-huge reveal at E3, but with the countdown timer ticking away to something in around 13 hours from now, looks like we’ll get the goods a lot earlier.

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