Allison Road to save Silent Hills fans

In recent weeks enthusiasts of the horror genre have been met with torment and heartbreak at the hands of the  increasingly unpopular Konami, firstly with the cancellation of eagerly anticipated Silent Hills and then with the strip and burn operation that saw the title’s predecessor announcement game P.T. removed from the PlayStation Network without warning leaving many horror aficionados dumbstruck and angry.

All is not lost however, for with destruction comes rebirth and from the ashes of Silent Hills rises a phoenix in Allison Road.

Strangely it wasn’t the demise of Silent Hills or P.T. that prompted the team to start development, rather the delivery of the original playable teaser for the now abandoned Silent Hills. During a recent interview, developer Christian Kesler stated that, “P.T. was a big influence in terms of atmosphere and visual quality for sure.”

Kesler goes on to insist that Allison Road is not a mere copy of Hideo Kojima’s masterful advertising campaign.  Claiming that Allison Road is a game unto itself with a carefully developed universe and feel with the biggest diversion being in the gameplay itself. Kojima’s P.T. was as much a puzzle game as it was a horror, and it seems that this is where Allison Road is fundamentally different. Kesler likens the games mechanics and interactions to that of Gone Home, requiring the player to piece together a story and absorb a narrative rather than simply putting pieces of a puzzle together in order to progress to the next objective.

The whole idea of Allison Road is that the player should get completely immersed in the fact that they are in a real house. In their house. You have no recollection of the previous few days leading up to the start of the game, and you will have to discover where your family is and what happened to you and them.

Antagonist Lilly.


While such comparisons may draw the ire from many readers, it is worth noting that each take on the application of a mechanic is a unique one and particularly with this style of game the narrative makes all of the difference. Currently the central focus appears to be around the mysterious character “Lilly”, not much is known about Lilly at this point save that she’s an integral part of the plot, and poses a very real threat to the player.

Allison Road developers have some new reveals planned for the coming weeks, and we here at Player Attack will be sure to keep you posted with the latest news surrounding this rather exciting new addition to the horror/adventure genre.

Allison Road Lilly
Allison Road

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