Fresh blood for Molyneux studio 22Cans

After a tumultuous start to 2015, the Molyneux-lead 22Cans development team is hoping to usher in a new age for the company with the appointment of new CEO Simon Phillips. Phillips brings with him a respectable 20 years experience within the gaming industry having previously lead other studios such as Freeplay Media and Gusto Games.

Phillips commented:

It’s a great time to be part of the games and entertainment industry right now. Not only are we seeing some amazing originality in design but also some incredible innovations in the way these are executed from a business point of view. 22Cans is unlike any team I’ve ever worked with before and has been one of the stand-out studios over the last three years. I’m super excited to be part of the future here and to help take 22Cans to the next level.

It remains to be seen whether or not Phillips can rectify the ailing developers reputation after numerous development shortfalls and public relation nightmares at the start of the year with relation to 22Cans premier title Godus.



22Cans founder and somewhat-infamous peddler of fantastical gaming dreams Peter Molyneux steps into a Creative Director role at the company:

Making a truly successful game means finding a great fit of both creativity and business. With Simon joining 22Cans as CEO, we now have that fit.

Whether this pomp and ceremony will restore any faith in the company’s ability to make good on its claims is obviously yet to be seen, but an attempt to change direction is most certainly a welcome one from a consumer’s point of view because things were very clearly not ┬ápanning out well for the developer following some rather serious setbacks in the rather lengthy development cycle of Godus.

Along with the fresh CEO, 22Cans has also employed a new producer, PR manager, artist and programmer an in effort to restructure the company with some fresh minds and ideas.

As much as the previous few months have had a souring effect on the independent developers reputation and products it is worth bearing in mind that these changes could very well bring about some genuinely great things and that although his credibility is somewhat tarnished Peter Molyneux is still the man responsible for the birth of an entire genre of gaming, the ever venerable God Game.

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