After less than a year, Wildstar goes free-to-play

Later this year, the widely hyped WildStar MMO will be moving to a free-to-play business model. Understandably this is going to come as a shock to basically no one with the MMO genre experiencing somewhat of a downturn in subscription based models of late.

How ever, unlike The Elder Scrolls Online. Carbine Studios actually mean free when they say it. There will be no initial purchase and obviously no subscription thereafter. The game will be entirely free to download and play to completion with none of the core game elements locked behind a paywall. Of course, this does mean we can expect in game microtransactions, however Carbine state that such things will be limited to cosmetic items and objects of convenience rather than anything that is going to give a player who pays for items any distinct advantage over those who don’t.



In addition to the microtransactions Carbine is also offering a premium service for dedicated players. For those who are OK with paying a monthly subscription fee, they will be rewarded with more character slots, up to a total of twelve (free players are limited to two), more bank slots and more decor slots.

Carbine Studios has quite conveniently compiled a comprehensive FAQ for concerned or curious WildStar fans, outlining a vast array of changes and new options for players to mull over.

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