Rising Tide brings new life to Beyond Earth

If there is one thing the Civilization franchise does in a big way, its expansions. Civilization: Beyond Earth is certainly no exception to this rule.

Civilization: Beyond Earth released in October of 2014 to a resounding “meh” among gaming critics around the world. Despite the game’s reasonable functionality and competence within its genre, developer Firaxis perhaps didn’t push the concept as far as we’ve come to expect, given heights reached with titles such as Civilization 4 and Civilization 5 (particularly with the additional expansions that one received).

However, with the announcement of Beyond Earth‘s upcoming expansion Rising Tide, there is renewed hope for veteran fans of the franchise. Touting an expanded lore for those of us who love to dive head first into fantastical worlds and an overhauled diplomacy system allowed for a more in depth and powerful system for players to manipulated to their own ends. Rising Tide will also offer some pretty cool new mechanical functionality.

The biggest new addition in the eyes of this writer is the ability to construct floating settlements, a drastic leap for the Civilization series as a whole.

By building a floating settlement, Rising Tide will allow the player to access resources deep under the ocean that they would otherwise not have access to, however doing so opens the settlement up to sea faring alien lifeforms that perhaps would rather you not be there.

In addition to the new settlement type, Firaxis have also included a new four new factions which they’re remaining tight lipped about thus far, but have said that one of the new factions – the Al Falah – will function as a nomadic tribe descendant from wealthy middle eastern states.

A major overhaul of the diplomatic system will see players able to select various traits for their nation and combine them in different ways in order to customise the effects they have in order to accurately reflect the situation the player finds themselves in. These traits will also be upgradable in order to continually increase the nations diplomatic ability as the game draws on.

Last, but not least is the inclusion of two new biomes for players to explore and navigate, Primordial world and a malevolent volcanic biome reminiscent of the new lands continually evolving around the Hawaiian Islands.

Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide

Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide

It’s no secret that when Civilization 5 originally launched, it was met with a very similar reaction to Beyond Earth, but with subsequent expansions has been crafted into possibly one of the greatest turn-based strategy games the genre has ever seen. With Beyond Earth‘s sci-fi setting and unique lore, will we see the emergence of something truly great within the genre?

Will Rising Tide be the breath of brilliance to Beyond Earth that Brave New World was to Civilization 5?

Well, we’re going to have to check our anticipation, with Rising Tide scheduled for release in the second half of this year.

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