What's on Player Attack TV – Friday May 22

Want to know what’s on Player Attack this week? Well, here you go – a quick look at what you can expect from the next episode of Australia’s newest video games TV series!

Freddy vs Jason - on Player Attack!

Freddy vs Jason – on Player Attack!

This week, we’re back on home turf, jumping around through all sorts of fun topics. Jonny Robot finds himself in the middle of a horror sandwich, as he meets Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger – you might know these guys better as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

We’ve played the brand new standalone expansion Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – how well does it hold up against last year’s The New Order?

…and Jessica spent some time with Tim Schafer’s return to the world of point-and-click adventuring, Broken Age (now that both halves have been released).

Plus, of course, we have all the latest gaming news – this is Player Attack!

How to watch Player Attack:
In Australia: Friday nights on Aurora at 9pm AEST (8:30 SA, 6pm WA).
In New Zealand: Friday nights on FaceTV at 9:30pm.
Online: Any time at PlayerAttack.com, or on YouTube!

Player Attack is also on Facebook and Twitter, so there’s no excuse not to be up to date!

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