H1Z1 hackers forced to apologise if they want to play

After banning more than 25,000 cheaters from H1Z1, Daybreak Games is offering a charming way for the ne’erdowells to get themselves back into the game. They just need to be sincere.

It seems that Daybreak‘s zombie survivalfest is crawling with cheaters, with a surprising number of people using the frighteningly-common ESP, which lets players know where others are at all times – an open-world version of a wallhack. Daybreak president John Smedley has had enough, and waved the banhammer at nearly 30,000 accounts – but he’s given a select few an opportunity to undo their wrongs.

Simply: Apologise to the gaming community for your actions – and post the video (publicly!) to YouTube.

According to Smedley, people seem to be grasping the first bit, but struggling a little with the second.

Dear Cheaters who got banned,” he tweeted. “Many of you are emailing me, apologizing and admitting it. Thank you. However.. You’re doing it wrong. If you want us to even consider your apology, a public YouTube apology is necessary. No personal information please. Email me the link and I will tweet it.

Of the 30k the studio has banned, just five people made acceptable videos in the timeframe Smedley set out – he explains that several were refused for a number of reasons, including posting videos privately or not apologising sincerely enough.

Smedley continues:

If these videos go far and wide and it elevates the importance of getting rid of the cheaters in PC gaming, I feel it’s an excellent trade. These guys could easily go right back in, make a new Steam account; use an HWID hack and play anyways. Yes, that’s the reality. It’s ugly, but there it is. And it’s true for every single PC game out there. Even the ones that say it isn’t.

He admits that he’s not sure if this approach is “the right move”, but he’s gotten so frustrated with the “tough fight” against hackers that he’s ready to try something different.

The H1Z1 servers will be “cleaned up” on Thursday, US time, to sort out some security issues and also to “purge the banned people’s existence”.

H1Z1 is available now for PC via Early Access, headed to PS4 some time in the future. If you’d like to know more, check out Mythor’s preview (and mourn for his charcoals).

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