Offensive Minecraft username trolled by Mojang

When a Minecraft fan created a new username out of frustration, he didn’t expect to still be logging in with his offensive gamertag years later. However, once Mojang found out about the name, the studio took action, and did it in style.

For years, Redditor Jessemoforice has been logging into Minecraft with the username MojangSucksDick, a moniker he chose in anger, when the network wouldn’t let him log into his existing account.

Whether he intended it as a joke, or as a long-running protest, the name stuck… until this week.

Mojang was investigating an entirely unrelated harassment issue when Jesse’s name raised some red flags. Developer Marc Watson explained how it happened:

I was actually looking for [names with the words] %sucksdick, due to an unrelated report of harassment. Usually we let servers handle all moderation but it was a parent and a kid, and well, I was just covering some bases. I never did find the username they reported (they couldn’t remember the exact spelling), but I did find this gem.

Rather than banning the user, restricting his access or sending a warning, Watson instead decided on a classier approach, subtly changing Jessemoforice’s username. This is the new login page seen by the user:

Jessemoforice's new Minecraft login

Jessemoforice’s new Minecraft login

Watson is very pleased that Jessemoforice has been “a good sport” about all this, adding that it’s a rare case for Mojang support to take action against specific usernames:

FYI, when support changes a username, it’s usually because it’s like a 9 or 10 on our offensiveness scale. It’s pretty hard to shock the support team, but we’ve gotten some fairly horrific names. Almost every time we will leave the name alone (even if it’s %mojang%) and leave it up to the servers to ban them. I prefer a light touch with a largely self-moderating community.

As for Jessemoforice? Looks like he’s sticking with Minecraft – and his new name – for at least a little while longer.

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