Brisbane's iconic Mana Bar to close

After more than five years in business, Australia’s original Mana Bar is closing its doors for good this weekend. Labelled as Australia’s first cocktail bar and video gaming lounge, the Brisbane venue will open this weekend for one more time, with last call on Sunday, May 24.

Brisbane's Mana Bar

Raise a glass.

Opened in March 2010 by Guy “Yug” Blomberg, Pras Moorthy, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and Shay Leighton, the bar’s been run in recent years by former bartender Cormac Moore.

Thanks to everyone who’s made it the sweet ride it was.

The venue – while small – invited gamers in to enjoy a themed cocktail or other tasty beverage, while playing console, arcade, card and board games free of charge. Maximum capacity topped out at just 50 people, which meant queues were common, but once inside, the intimate atmosphere held its own charm.

Brisbane’s success saw a second Mana Bar open in Melbourne in 2011, but a restrictive alcohol license (no drinks after 11pm) saw the southern expansion close after just two years.

The Melbourne Mana Bar family soon rose from the ashes, creating the pop up Beta Bar. Founders Skaidris Gunsmith and Bonnie Bradley posted a heartfelt message to Facebook:

No matter what, the community you helped create and inspire will live on and there will be many more great things to come for all of you in the future.

Player Attack visited the Brisbane Mana Bar several times over its five year history – every time we were in the city – and we’ll be sad to see it go. The venue played host to the launch of Yahtzee Croshaw’s book Mogworld and a preview of Dead Island, provided us with a recording studio for one of the earliest episodes of Player Attack, and gave us the ideal location to chat about Duke Nukem Forever.

Best wishes for the entire team – we know you’ll land on your feet somewhere.

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