Suddenly Drunk crowdfunding campaign sabotaged

In another example of people messing with crowdfunding, co-founder of Australia’s Beta Bar has been targeted on Facebook, just one day before launching his campaign for new drinking/party game Suddenly Drunk.

Business partner Bonnie Bradley explains that Skaidris Gunsmith’s personal page was falsely reported and blocked by Facebook, immediately removing his access to both his friends list and the Beta Bar fan page – two places he’d been hoping to promote his crowdfunding campaign.

Skaidris has been working on trying to release this by today, it’s a drinking game that he’s been working really hard on for this past year. He had timed everything to launch with our Early Access video show, new event night and App all this week and has been awake every night for 2 weeks to meet the deadline.

Bradley assures us that “all the proper actions have been taken to restore his account”, but Skaidris had decided not to wait for Facebook, launching the Suddenly Drunk Indiegogo campaign today as planned.

At its heart, Suddenly Drunk is a deck of cards that works with any existing turn-based board or card game, turning it into a hilarious (and potentially messy) drinking experience.

“Cards are not all just DRINK NOW!” says the description (sure to disappoint a few backers). Instead, they’re divided into “Instant” and “Anytime”. Instant cards include things like “Decide on a different voice or accent. You must now only speak in this voice.” Failing to follow the Instant instructions results in taking a drink. Of course.

Anytime cards add an element of strategy – one instructs you to keep the next Instant card you draw, with the advice to play it at any time against another player.

Want to see it in action? Skaidris has also put together a video of the team playing Suddenly Drunk alongside Cards Against Humanity

Suddenly Drunk is expecting to be shipped in September of this year, and is asking for AU$7,000 in funding over the next 30 days. A pledge of just AU$25 will get you a copy of the game, but if you’re feeling generous, handing over more than AU$1,000 will let you create your own rule for the game, and have it included in all official editions.

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