Why I dig the Supergirl trailer

First, lets get this little nugget out of the way. On the topic of Supergirl, I’m kinda what you may call bias. Kara, Supergirl, Matrix, Linda, That One Really Pissed Off Red Lantern, hell, whatever moniker she’s using at the time she’s always been one of my favorite DC properties. For some reason this normally elicits many confused looks and unnecessary explanations on my half, but the short answer is that I find her interesting…also she’s a straight up bad ass.

(If you want the longer answer it’s here)

There can only be one!

There can only be one!

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about my financially crippling hobby or comics history (although, that may be a promise I can’t keep), we’re here to rap about the newly dropped Supergirl T.V trailer from CBS.

Okay! The first two things to hit me: 1) Fuck yeah, it has colour! 2) It’s optimistic and lighthearted!

These two points may seem relatively unimportant (the second one causing some people to be downright hostile) but these are a big deal! Brace yourself people because this may catch you by surprise. This is one of the only DC cinematic properties since Batman Begins that hasn’t grey scaled all the wonder out of the ‘hero’ with grit and angst. Frankly, it’s refreshing. But more importantly, we finally have someone from the House of El that actually embodies HOPE!

DC’s portrayal of their other ‘Super’, in the cluster fuck they dubbed Man of Steel, said the S embodied hope but didn’t do a God damn thing to show it. That is unless you’re version of hope is widespread city destruction on par with Roland Emmerich’s deepest fantasies. In contrast, look a Supergirl. Here we see a woman exuding the desire to be a hero, actively wanting to help others, to be a symbol for good. Jeez, I can’t help but smile just writing about it.

...I'm struggling to see the hope.

…I’m struggling to see the hope.

Oh, wait. There it is!

Oh, wait. There it is!

That said, I’m not completely blinded by my love for this character. Sure, there’s a couple of bits that fall flat and I don’t know quite know how the lesbian joke made it through the draft process but overall it looks fun. Add to that a lighter tone, a strong empowerment message and action involving dudes being kicked through trucks, and you’ve got yourself a show with a great character that will inspire everyone from young girls to 26 year old bloggers.

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