Sydney bank robbed during PayDay 2 event

Two men robbed a bank in Sydney’s CBD yesterday – at exactly the same time as a bunch of gamers were acting out virtual heists just a couple of streets away. While Kent Street played host to an event celebrating the impending launch of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, two men walked into Bendigo Bank on nearby Elizabeth Street and demanded cash.

Four gamers team up in Payday 2 to – predictably – rob banks, carry out heists, and generally do things wearing some of the most terrifying masks in gaming. The game’s Crimewave Edition (out next month for Xbox One and PS4) improves graphical quality and features all of the DLC previously-released for the PC and earlier console versions. Part of the game’s “charm” is the precision used to execute the heists and the disguises worn by the criminals, with the main aim to escape with the money and without the police.

Yesterday at lunchtime, just 500m from the bar hosting the gaming event, two men strolled into the bank, wearing hoods (no attention-grabbing masks), and told the cashier to hand over the money. As soon as they were given “an amount of cash”, the pair ran out of the bank with heavily-laden bags and made a successful getaway.

Both men, believed to be of Maori or Pacific Islander appearance, are still at large and wanted by the police. Nobody was injured during the incident – and anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Grab It magazine wonders if this was “one of the ballsiest PR stunts in gaming history”, but the level of mainstream media coverage suggests this one was more likely a bizarre coincidence.

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