36 Gears of War and Dishonored remakes revealed

Two upcoming re-releases may have just been outed thanks to the thorough-ness of the Brazilian Advisory Rating System. While we’d heard hints that a remake of Gears of War was in the works, we didn’t quite expect Dishonored to receive the same treatment… and yet, here we are.

The team from Gears of War

The team from Gears of War

Apparently titled Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, it looks like Marcus Fenix is headed back to consoles – and we’d put money on it arriving on Xbox One if nothing else. It’s reportedly in the works at Splash Damage, the team behind Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and, more recently, the terribly enjoyable Dirty Bomb. At this stage, we don’t know whether it’ll just be a polished-up version of the original game, or if the entire trilogy will be given a new lick of paint, but we’re expecting to hear more at E3, if not before.

It’s the first time we’ve even heard inklings of Dishonored: Definitive Edition, so details are even thinner on the ground for that one. We’re guessing it’ll be released some time later this year, and current theories suggest it’ll be a modern (PS4 / Xbox One) re-release of the 2013 Game of the Year edition, which featured the original 2012 game plus all previously-released DLC.

2012's Dishonored

2012’s Dishonored

Predictably, none of the studios reportedly involved with either project is quite ready to talk about it, yet. Rumours and leaks are one thing, but a Ratings Board update is somewhat more tangible, so while we’re pretty confident both of these will eventuate, we’re prepared to wait a while to find out more.

E3 2015 kicks off in Los Angeles on June 16 – Bethesda is holding a pre-event event on June 14 (which is where news about Dishonored is likely to surface), while Microsoft hosts a press conference on June 15 (so expect Gears of War news then).

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