Silent Hill figures coming this October

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way first. At this point, with the cancellation of Silent Hills, I hate Konami. You probably hate Konami too. Kojima cryptically hates Konami. And the Internet, oh the Internet, they vocally and unabashedly hate Konami. Hell, from what I can figure, even Konami hates Konami right now.

Seems legit

Seems legit

Sure, they’ve tried to tell us it’s okay. Not to worry because they’ll make another Silent Hill, a different one. You guy’s remember Downpour? Shit, I’m still trying to forget.

Hell, this may all just be the cynic in me speaking but I was excited for Silent Hills not because of it’s attachment to a once amazing but now stale franchise, but because of the talent attached. You had a true horror visionary in Del Toro and Hideo, well, Hideo brought that Kubrick ‘I’ll do whatever the fuck I want’ approach to directing. It would of had heart- probably a lot of them- and that’s what really sucks about it being scrapped.

I'll miss you the most Lisa...

I’ll miss you the most Lisa…

Well, at least now you can create what you think may have been- as long as it only includes one of two characters- with the Good Smile Company‘s limited release Silent Hill figmas.

The studio recently announced that they’re releasing their Red Pyramid Thing figma (the first run pre-ordered out in days) alongside the debut of their new Bubble Head Nurse figma.

Nothing says "come into my dorm" quite like having this display.

Nothing says “come into my dorm” quite like having this display.

These creepy little collectiables will set you back $40(USD) and $38(USD) respectively. Take it from a fan of the franchise, officially licensed figures or statues of Silent Hill stuff is pretty wicked hard to come by, so if this is your jam, get on it quick. Like getting the fuck out of Silent Hill quick!

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