GTA V is about to look even better!

Pfft! As if that’s possible, right? Well, you better hold on to your butts ladies and gentlemen because the modders are here! Specifically one in particular, Hayssam Keilany and his iCEnhancer mod.

If you haven’t heard of the iCEnhancer mod before, that’s all Kool and the Gang baby, here’s a quick refresher. Basically anytime you’ve seen GTA IV and thought “God damn, this looks amazing”, that’s the work of the iCEnhancer. Have a quick look below for a more visual explanation.

Anywho, Keilany has now altered the mod to support GTA V as well. In the video below you can see the mod has been used to reduce the amount of fog, remove blur effects on the background, change the sun color, and even add some effects on characters.

It may not look all that wicked impressive right now but it’s still very early days. With Rockstar finally reigning back the ban hammer on single player mods, we should hopefully see iCEnhancer and many other mods take GTA V to places the PC Master Race can truly be proud of!

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