Bungie raises $400k for quake-ravaged Nepal

Nepal was struck by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, prompting heartwarming fundraising efforts around the world – and beyond, in the case of Destiny developer Bungie. The studio started selling a limited edition Nepal Aid t-shirt on May 1st, and we’ve just been told it’s raised more than US$400,000 in just its first week.

Bungie: Guardians to the aid of Nepal 2015

Bungie: Guardians to the aid of Nepal 2015

Proceeds from t-shirt sales are being sent to Direct Relief, a charity delivering health-related commodities (including medical supplies) to the Nepalese.

As if a snazzy shirt and the warm fuzzies aren’t enough, for every t-shirt sold, Bungie will also send you a code for a free in-game emblem and shader. And, while the shirts will be available until May 24th, if you get in quick – before May 13 – Bungie will also contribute an extra US$15 per shirt, up to US$50,000 total.

There’s a full FAQ about the Guardians to the Aid of Nepal fundraiser for you to peruse (including details on the shirts and where the money’s going as well as when you can expect your bonuses), and – of course – the shirts are still available via the Bungie store. Yes, they offer international shipping.

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