PT is no longer downloadable from PSN

When we learned Silent Hills had been axed, Playable Teaser PT was still available on the PlayStation Network. Then, it was pulled – but if you had grabbed it previously, you could still re-download it. Now, it seems, even that option’s gone. If you don’t have it now, chances are you never will.

For one week, it seemed that Sony had taken the same approach as Apple traditionally does: If you’ve purchased a game, it’s yours to re-download whenever you want, regardless of whether it is available for purchase or not. However, it seems that someone’s reconsidered that decision.

PlayStation 4 consoles with PT installed are already being sold online for many times the original asking price, as gamers capitalise on people’s collective fear of missing out. If those PS4s don’t have the game already downloaded and installed, you can safely save your money.

Actor Norman Reedus, who was attached to the in-development Silent Hills, has gone on the record saying he hopes the game is one day revived and brought to market – perhaps, if that happens, PT will follow suit.

Until then though, if PT was one of those games you always meant to get around to, looks like your chances have evaporated. We do not endorse buying a used console online just to get one game at an exaggerated price.

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