Midweek Media: May 6th, 2015

cc: Regan Walsh

Smash your television

Did you know that Player Attack has a pretty comprehensive screenshot archive, as well as a hefty File Library? Every day, more new screens and media are added – so we figured we’d collate them all here for you in one handy-dandy spot.

Things that have grabbed our collective eyes this week: The colours of Brawl (not what we expected from a name like that), Inside My Radio (…always wondered what went on in there), Mission Against Terror (because those costumes will stop anything), Star Wars: Battlefront (because… well…), Ultratron (space is always beautiful, right?), and War Thunder (vintage vehicles and classic architecture is a winning combination!).

Plus, y’know, pretty much all the other games shown off here as well, because we like pretty things and some of these sure are pretty. Tell us your favourite!

Midweek Media image: CC Regan Walsh

A Bastard’s Tale

Block N Load


CosmicBreak 2

Daily Celebrity Crossword




Empyrean Rule

Executive Assault

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Forza Horizon 2

Guild Wars 2


Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley

Inside My Radio

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mighty No. 9

Mission Against Terror

Project CARS

Project Root

Remnants of Isolation



Square Enix Collective

Star Wars: Battlefront

Stars Wagon

Stealth Inc 2

Terra Battle

The Escapists

The Weaponographist

Tropico 5


War Thunder

WWE 2K15


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