Mortal Kombat X: Learn about Jason, Easy Fatalities

Like the other characters in Mortal Kombat X, Jason Voorhees is set to star in his own set of variations when he joins the game this month. We’ve also learned more about why NetherRealm included controversial easy fatalities in the game, which some suggest go against the spirit of the series.

It’s confirmed that Voorhees will appear in three forms. There’s the traditional Slasher costume – white mask, machete, lots of bloodshed. If you’d prefer something more grapple-based, there’s the empty-handed Relentless, who wears a dark chrome mask and can teleport, as well as flaunt a new “pursuit” move that sees him flip his opponent’s attack buttons. Finally, by wrapping a chain around his neck, Jason becomes Unstoppable, with a special super-powerful move and the ability to regenerate life. Knock him down, and he’ll get back up again, using the energy in his meter.

Meanwhile, series creator Ed Boon spoke today on the Mortal Kombat X livestream, and reveals that the easy fatalities are included in the game due to fan demand, explaining that some people simply “cannot do fatalities”:

“[Before releasing MKX], we did research and had focus groups play the game, and easy fatalities was the number one request. Having them helps everyone in that group. It’s for people who will never be able to do a fatality, who will never experience doing fatalities in MK.

Jason Voorhees is included in the horror pack for Mortal Kombat X, which is available as optional DLC. A number of easy fatalities are included in the game at first boot, but will run out quickly under normal play conditions. If you want more, they are also available via microtransaction, or through unlocking containers in the Krypt.

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