Ugh: #GamerGate meetups hit Australia

Just when you thought that being in Australia meant that we were far enough away from certain hate groups, there are currently at least two GamerGate meetups being organised across this wide brown land of ours.

Boo. Hiss.

Boo. Hiss.

The Facebook post for one event reads simply:

At the risk of boos and hisses from those of you who have been mislead by the media, I hereby invite you all to attend [redacted]

No date or venue has been set for the event, which organisers are planning to run in the same spirit as GGinDC. That was a meetup for “hundreds of video game and media ethics enthusiasts”, recently held in Washington DC. It seems that one went off with a bang, with the venue evacuated following a bomb threat, shortly after midnight.

The second event has already been organised – and it’s in Melbourne! Specifically, the Melbourne Central Lion Hotel has been chosen as the ideal location, because it is “right across from Marxist central, RMIT”.

Prior to the U.S. event last Friday, a social media campaign had contacted the venue to inform them of the inflammatory nature of GamerGate, which has been alternately described as a hate group, “a band of misogynists” and “perpetrators of online harassment”.

Melbourne organisers have pre-empted backlash directed at the chosen location:

If SJW’s do manage to fuck with the venue, we’ll just turn it into a GG pub crawl! 😀

Meanwhile, GamerGaters love to make lists of people to avoid, so here’s a nice Google Docs file they’ve put together of Aussies interested in the event – a handy checklist for the rest of us to ignore. (UPDATE: The public doc has now been locked.)

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