Use Minecraft to shape South Australian National Parks…or troll the government

Oh, you read that right. The South Australian State Government- by far the best State- has launched a special program to allow students to create national park upgrades using the magic of Minecraft!


Shape the state and slay zombies!

The governments dug deep and shelled out $10 million for snazzy-ing up our state national parks, relying on the designs of kids from years 4 to 7 in the surrounding schools.

“The parks they design as part of this competition might include trails for bushwalking, mountain biking or horse riding, barbecue and picnic areas, public toilets, wheelchair accessible areas, campgrounds, scenic lookouts, adventure playgrounds, interpretive trails, places to launch canoes – or something completely different,” said Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter.

Alright! So I’m getting ready for everything ranging from forts made of candy to a floating monument to unicorns that spits in the face of gravity! Oh, and dicks. Lots of dicks.

Fuck it! The state needs a Millenium Falcon!

Fuck it! The state needs a Millenium Falcon!

But wait. It turns out the government- inherently being an bureaucratic institution devoid of fun- has a bunch of rules for the competition. Entries will be judged by community, educational and tourism organizations and must be useful and buildable in the real world. My only question: what defines useful…

If you’re aged between 8-12 and feel like shaping our great state or just want to submit structures that baffle the mind whilst lampooning as a kid that cares, check out the link here.

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