Mortal Kombat creator hints at more story content

We love Mortal Kombat X more than a little bit, but if series creator Ed Boon is to be believed, we’re about to love it even more.

Boon – who is generally pretty good at telling the truth – has hinted at upcoming story content for the game, in response to a fan question.

So Ed are you secretly gonna patch in the NPC’s from story to make them playable?
EB: U mean like a “Story Pack” ?

While there’s already plenty of story in the latest generation beat-em-up, there’s more than enough room for extra bits and pieces – and there’s still a stack of new characters yet to be explored.

We already know about some of the post-release DLC planned for the game, but with that made up of extra skins and cosmetic changes, it would be great to see Mortal Kombat X expanded with some chunky new content as well.

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