Killing Floor 2 might be censored in some regions

If you’re looking forward to playing a little Killing Floor 2, developers for the gore-fest explain that there may well be different versions for different regions. Germany, Australia and Japan have been highlighted as potential areas that may be in line for modified versions, but nothing’s set in stone just yet.

For a game that lists “Visceral Gore” at the top of the list of key features, this isn’t really surprising. The developers at Tripwire have implemented their own brand new, high-powered persistent blood system (so you know those stains will never come out). Don’t expect anything clean and sanitised here: Wading through hordes of enemies will send “entrails, severed limbs and blood flying” (but be warned – some might be yours!).

Tripwire community manager Jared Creasy explained the situation in a simple statement on the game’s Steam page:

It is quite likely that there are some regions where we may be required to make cuts in the future, particularly in the gore system, to comply with local ratings boards, once we get the game into its full release status. Regions most likely at risk of this are Germany (via USK) and Australia (via OFLC). Japan is another possibility (via CERO), but is an unknown quantity to us. To be quite clear: this means that, if you are buying from a region which regularly forces cuts on to games for gore, you may get reduced gore when we go to the full release version of the game.

Creasy warns that even if changes are made after release, a full-gore version of the game purchased in affected regions will likely still be impacted by the cuts.

If you want to take your chances, Killing Floor 2 will be available from April 21 via Steam, promising a return to everything you loved about the 2009 original. (If you can’t wait, the game is currently available through Early Access… but be warned, it’s not quite finished yet.)

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