Age of Empires 2 gets expansion after 16 years

Believe it or not, Age of Empires 2 was first released 16 years ago – and people are still playing Microsoft‘s groundbreaking RTS. Those lucky gamers are in for an unexpected treat, with developers revealing a brand new expansion is on the way.

Technically, this is for the 2013 HD remake of the game rather than the 1999 version, but either way, it’s still the same experience, just with a nifty lick of paint.

Developer Ryan Chaply (Ryz0n) explains that in the two years since AoE II HD hit Steam, fans have spent more than 50 million hours in-game, “building armies, converting units and chopping trees”.

Last week, the studio issued the 3.9 update for the game, which improved a bunch of things “under the hood”, and laid the ground work for the upcoming new release.

I am extremely excited to reveal that we’ll be working with the Forgotten Empires team to formally bring a new expansion to the Age of Empires franchise later this year.

Forgotten Empires was an earlier expansion released for AoE II HD, which quickly proved itself to be a “great content addition that both stayed true to the AoE spirit and moved the franchise forward”, so it makes perfect sense that the band’s getting back together to work on the new, unnamed expansion.

We don’t yet know what to expect, but FE contained new units, technologies and civilisations, so we’re anticipating more of the same… but for now, Microsoft holds the cards, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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