Build a Ferrari F1 team truck with new LEGO kit

With the Chinese F1 Grand Prix taking place in Shanghai this weekend, it seems the perfect time to mention the latest LEGO playset: The F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck. This is the latest in the new Speed Champions collection, and it’s thoroughly wonderful.

The LEGO F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck

The LEGO F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck

Designed for ages 8-14, we can imagine more than a few grown-up racing fans who’d be more than happy to “play” with this kit, driving a slightly-blocky Scuderia Ferrari F14 T race car to the circuit in a fully-equipped race truck.

The kit includes a team of six minifigs – a race driver (we’re not sure if it’s Vettel or Raikkonen), a truck driver and four crew members (including one female minifig). The truck cabin has an opening roof and two seats for minifigs, while the very impressive detachable cabin features its own opening roof and sides, lever-operated standing feet and a retractable rear hatch/ramp. There are computer screens for the crew to monitor the track, just like in the real world. Something the Lego version has that the real-world vehicle might be missing though is the F1 car launch function, which will zoom your tiny racer off down the road and onto the track.

The crew – all decked out in their Ferrari-decorated outfits – also have their own stash of goodies: Of course there’s two helmets and three caps with headphones, but there’s a complete set of tools thrown in too (including a power drill, oil can, screwdriver, wrench, hammer, cross wrench, closed wrench, open wrench and a socket wrench), two tool chests, a lap board, a stop/start sign, a trophy and the all-important coffee mug. There’s ample storage space for all accessories and even a scooter for the crew to zip around on.

…and then there’s the F14 T race car itself. Big enough for a minifig to fit in the driver’s cockpit, there are two spare wheels for the inevitable crashes, and – in true modern F1 style – two interchangeable noses.

Look at all the little pieces!

Look at all the little pieces!

This isn’t a small kit, either: The Scuderia Ferrari Truck measures more than 12cm (4″) tall, 41cm (16″ long) and 8cm (3″) wide. The F14 T race car is more than 4cm (1″) high, 14cm (5″) long and 6cm (2″) wide, while the tiny scooter is just 3cm high, 5cm long and 1cm wide. But that’s all it needs to be, right?

The Lego F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck is available now directly from the Lego online shop, or from good toy retailers. It’s not a cheap kit, retailing for around AU$139.99, but if you’re a fan of racing, a fan of Lego, or a fan of things that are red, this one’s perfect.

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