Cities: Skylines gets first-person mod perspective

One of the things we loved the most about Cities: Skylines was the built-in mod support. As soon as the game launched, the community started building new content for the city-builder, but this one takes the game to new heights (conveniently by getting right down to ground level).

That is a first-person multiplayer view of Cities: Skylines, created by a modder named Fr0sZ. We’re told the project, which places the player’s avatar directly onto the city map, is currently a work in progress… and the developer’s not quite sure where to go now.

If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas, there’s a perfect forum where you can share them – whether they’re for Fr0sZ or for your own modifications – simply head to the Cities Skylines Modding sub-reddit and share your opinions with more than 3,500 likeminded folks.

On the other hand, if you’re the type that would prefer to play with other people’s ideas rather than coming up with your own, even though Fr0sZ’s mod isn’t quite ready for launch yet, the Cities Skyline community hub is buzzing with all sorts of fun things to try.

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