Denmark: Give blood, win Bloodborne!

A Danish blood bank would like to attract more young male donors – so it’s giving away copies of a video game as a reward. A new joint project between GivBlod and PlayStation Denmark will see donors given a copy of Bloodborne, and entered into the draw to win a gaming console.

Give blood for Bloodborne

et lille prik med stor effekt

Described (via Google Translate) as a “gory cooperation”, the competition is designed to encourage more men to register as blood donors, as there is a “great shortage” of them.

The process is simple. On Monday, March 23, registered and potential blood donors are invited to ITU Copenhagen. People who either give blood or register as a blood donor with GivBlod will receive a copy of Bloodborne “in thanks for their good deed” (other, non-specified games will also be on offer for people who’d prefer something less pun-tastic).

Donors and potential donors who either give blood or sign up for the program are also entered into a draw to win a unique, Bloodborne-themed PS4.

If you’re in Denmark and can’t get to ITU in Copenhagen on March 23, there’s also an Instagram campaign, where you are invited to share a picture that “interprets the message of giving blood and saving lives”, posted with the hashtag #GivblodforBloodborne and tagging GivBlod. It’s hoped that each picture will raise awareness of blood donation – and everyone who posts will be entered into the PS4 competition!

…alternatively, you can sign up online (make sure you read this first), and put “PS4” after your first name. You guessed it, you’ll be entered into the draw to win a PS4.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen blood drives used to promote video games (or vice versa). At last year’s QuakeCon, we saw Bethesda set up The Good Within Blood Drive around the launch of The Evil Within, and the concept’s also been used tastefully around the launch of various vampiric titles.

In certain countries (including Australia), there are strict laws surrounding the offering of incentives for blood donations (beyond a snack and a drink afterward), so it’s unlikely that we’ll see an event like this locally. That said, if you feel inspired, you’re more than welcome to contact Red Cross Australia or the New Zealand Blood Service to make your own local donation. Maybe treat yourself to a video game afterwards, as a reward!

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