Pixels sees 80s arcade characters come to life

Surely you’ve noticed that almost all of the bad guys in 80s arcade games are aliens, yeah? Well, what if the real aliens intercepted our video game feeds and decided that it was a declaration of war sent from the human race to the entire galaxy? This, my friends, is the story behind Pixels, a new film hitting cinemas later this year – and we’ve got the first trailer for you!

As game veteran Cliff Bleszinski comments:

Not sure if that Pixels movie trailer was charming or completely stupid.

The film stars Kevin James as President Will Cooper and Adam Sandler as “80s video game champion Sam Brenner”, who team up to lead a team of old-school arcade fans (including Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad) to fend off the alien attacks – each one based on a classic arcade game. Source Code actress Michelle Monaghan plays a unique weapons specialist advising the team of gamers.

Pixels started life as a short film by Patrick Jean, posted online in 2010. This new-take action-comedy is directed by Chris Columbus and produced by (among others) members of Gilmore’s Happy Madison company including Allen Covert.

…and if you didn’t pick up on that almost-subliminal screen tucked away in the middle of that video, you can download a free Pixels-inspired game, the #1 arcade hit Dojo Quest, and unlock Lady Lisa by simply visiting www.dojoquest.com!

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