Sony confirms: Suspend/Resume coming to PS4

When Sony announced the PlayStation 4 two years ago, the hardware giant promised the inclusion of Suspend/Resume – the ability to jump into and out of your games faster than ever. That feature never materialised, despite being one of the most-requested inclusions for the console… that is, until now.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Sony has now confirmed that Suspend/Resume will be rolled out with system software update 2.50 (codenamed Yukimura), promised to hit consoles “soon”. It’s been rumoured for a while, but it’s now officially included in the changelog, along with a list of other requested features.

Suspend/Resume will be supported by “nearly all” PS4 titles. Simply put your PS4 in Rest Mode, and the game will pause – in low power – where you left it. Come back, pick up your controller and hit the PS button, and you’ll jump right back in at the same spot. “Spend less time getting into your games and more time playing them,” promises Sony.

Update 2.50 will also bring with it the long-awaited ability to upgrade your sub-account to a master account, directly from the console.

Other features include a Facebook Friend Search (which is exactly what it sounds like), Remote Play and Share Play at 60fps (where supported by the game, of course) and the ability to share video clips to Dailymotion. There are also a stack of improvements for Trophies – including capturing a screenshot at the moment the Trophy is earned, adding up to a nifty little scrapbook.

A great new inclusion though is one that’s likely to be largely overlooked – a whole bunch of accessibility options have been added and tweaked. You can now access text-to-speech, use larger text, bolder fonts and higher-contrast UI, invert colours on screen and zoom in on displayed features – all neat inclusions that will help the vision-impaired. Thos with limited manual dexterity (or “limited reach and strength to play”) will also benefit, with the new ability to reassign buttons on the DualShock 4 to make the controller more comfortable to use.

No official timeframe has been announced for the release of Update 2.50/Yukimura – but Sony says “soon”. We’ve been waiting this long, what’s a few more weeks?

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