Deputy sheriff fired over racist Xbox Live rant

In a resounding display of stupidity, a Mississippi police officer has been fired following an angry tirade on Xbox Live, where he gave a fake name but a real badge number. Former Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Slater was caught threatening other gamers and making ugly racist comments.

Jackson County Sheriff's Department

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department

A gamer named David shared the video (which comes with an offensive language warning) online in January, but it took a couple of months before the footage was posted to the police department’s Facebook page.

David claims that he was trolling people, trying to find content to make online videos. According to him, he came across a racist gamer in a chat lobby and decided to have a little fun with some racist trolling of his own. David then moved on, but the gamer he’d insulted – which turned out to be Slater – wasn’t finished, sending David a private message.

David and his friends invited Slater to join their gaming party playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox Live, and the conversation quickly became a heated argument. David acknowledges that he threw the first insult, but Slater is quick to retaliate with some heated words of his own, sharing his “true identity”, badge number and home address and warning David that he was “about to come to a f**king paid police officer’s house.”

A Jackson County Sheriff spokesperson has confirmed that it is indeed Slater in the recording.

This type of behavior will not be tolerated at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Once we were made aware of the situation, we took immediate action.

Slater, a patrol deputy, had been employed by the Sheriff’s Department for three years. His employment was terminated Wednesday morning, as soon as the Sheriff became aware of the video.

For the record, David is a self-confessed troll, who claims his “cop-killer” swagger is all a joke, not realising he was speaking to a real police officer. However, Slater’s response – where he claims he is paid “to beat up f**king n**gers like you” – is anything but professional.

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