RTS fans say women have no part in history

Women have no part in history, according to RTS fans who play Europa Universalis IV. Developer Paradox Interactive has recognised International Women’s Day (March 8th) with new DLC for the game, celebrating the role of women in history. Despite the fact the new content is both optional and free, some gamers seem to have some pretty strong opinions on why female characters should be left out of historic RTS.

The extra content sees 100 of the greatest women in history added to Europa Universalis IV. Thomas Johansson, the head of Paradox Development Studio explains:

It’s no surprise that the role of women in history isn’t as well known as that of men. Europa Universalis, admittedly, hasn’t done a lot to foreground their contributions. We thought that International Women’s Day was the best time to do a little bit to help balance the scales and introduce our audience to some very interesting people.

It’s a lovely gesture, but a vocal chunk of the gaming community feels otherwise, posting to the Steam community:

  • Women are inferiour to men, why should I be forced to have them in my game? I paid for it, I expected this would never change, why are you doing this, Paradox?? I hope it will be toggle-able.
  • Amazing, the one girl who plays this will be so happy u.u
  • Why is there even a national womens day? Its bad enough that women want better everything then men (not equality ladies). Thank you feminism for not only being annoying IRL but for also breaking my saves.
  • Looking forward to the “Transgendered Black Jews in History” DLC, too.
  • How do you remove it? I don’t want this Swedish political correctness crap.
  • I really don’t like this, men were being butchered throughout history like disposable garbage, all for the “benefits” of women, who even partook in shaming men to go to their deaths, and now there is this fucking need to make them feel like **mere mass butchery** of men is nothing compared to their historic and biologically conditioned passivity.

The thread is currently 13 pages long, and it’s worth noting that there are definitely positive, happy voices among the chorus – but the anti-female backlash is uncomfortably strong. Paradox, at this stage, has not made any public comments about fan response.

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