Supergirl's TV costume a step in the right direction

Unsurprisingly to many, I’m a big ol’ comic book nerd. Even more unsurprisingly, my allegiance has always been skewed towards DC comics and the the adventures of the Big Blue Boy Scout and his posse. I dig them all. Superman, Superboy, hell, even Krypto The Wonder Dog but Supergirl is different. I adore her.

There can only be one!

There can only be one!

First things first, it ain’t a tits and ass thing. Oh sweet Jesus, no. Kara always struck me as interesting because she’s the black sheep of the Super-family. On the surface she just looks like a gender flip of ol’ Supes. She’s a native Kryptonian, she’s from the same bloodline as our Jesus allegory Kal-El, she’s stronger than the Man of Steel and she rocks the blue and red. She’s the same right? Nope. Where she differs from Superman is what defines her. She has no attachment to Earth, no attachment to us and feels alone and alienated. Add to that her headstrong nature and a constant struggle of identity and you’ve got yourself a relatable character with depth!

Social norms...she's still learning

Social norms…she’s still learning

Back story aside, we’re here about her newly unveiled costume that’ll feature in the upcoming Supergirl show airing on CW. Well, here it is:

Supergirl's TV costume

Supergirl’s TV costume

You know what? I actually don’t half mind it. I’ve got some issues with it but that falls more with the gritty, colourless route DC’s taking with all their properties. As a costume design though, shit yeah, I can get behind this.

It’s clearly a blend of modern and classic, drawing from Kara’s past with the skirt and the- to this day, dagger in my heart- colour pallet of 2013s Man of Steel. I know many will be displeased with the choice to incorporate the skirt (and I’m more in your camp than not there) but I understand the choice, as it makes her instantly recognizable. Also, I’m so pleased that the design shunned the bare legs and plunging chest line that has plagued Kara for years now. Why would an alien warrior buy into our gender definitions and have bare legs! Shit’s just dumb.

Sexual objectification through the ages!

Sexual objectification through the ages!

Up until this point, Supergirl hasn’t been able to separate herself from the short skirt/ bare legged/ mad cleavage tropes that have embodied her character in some way since her inception, so kudos to Colleen Atwood (costume designer) for making that choice.

Will the show be good? Well, that’s a whole different kettle of fish that comes down solely to the creative team. All I know is that this is the most Kara’s been covered since Power Girl- yes, fucking Power Girl- donned a full, non-boob windowed, body suit. So I’m chalking this up as a win regardless.

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