Killer Instinct dev announces new character and shadow feature

In a reveal at Pax East this past weekend, Killer Instinct may have just got me back on board by showcasing one of its new upcoming fighters and ‘shadow’ mechanic. Mainly the new character. God, she’s just all kinds of fucked up and I love it!

She looks alrig...OH MY GOD!

She looks alrig…OH MY GOD!

Hisako is one of the most unique fighting game characters I’ve seen in ages. Rocking a design revealing in Japanese horror tropes- complete with the missing frame movement and the love of contortion- Hisako is not only creepy to look at but seasoned fighters will find her a nightmare to play against. Why? ‘Cause like a real ghost, you can’t hit her!

Hisako looks like she plays very similarly to Makoto from Street Fighter III: Third Strike (the best fighting game of all time. True fact.) in that her standard movement speed could easily be likened to a glacial pace. But then when your defenses are down, BAM! A cheetah like dash has her all up in your grill and now your ass is about to be handed to you!

Hisako is also built around biding your time and making precise, bone crippling strikes. She has a special bar called a ‘Wraith Bar’, that when full, converts her attacks to insta-counters. What?! That’s so O.P! But it’s really not. She’s balanced out by every attack she throws causes the Wraith Bar to decrease, taking away her biggest advantage.

Throw in the ability to cancel attack animations mid move- as long as the Wraith Bar is half full- combined with unpredictable movement, and you’ve got yourself an advanced fighter that could be the bane of many an aggressive player. Oh, also she can phase into opponents and break all their bones. Just FYI.

It would be a shame if all your bones were to break! Ohhhhh!

It would be a shame if all your bones were to break! Ohhhhh!

But the fun announcements don’t stop there! The devs at Iron Galaxy Studios are also adding what they’re calling Shadows to the game. Kinda like the Drivatar system from the Forza games, the Shadow mechanic will analyse how players fight and create a facsimile of them for online play. You throw that particular combo regularly? So will your shadow. Act like a douche and tea-bag your fallen opponents? Your douchebaggery will transcend to your shadow too. This system will be pretty cool for players looking for a more organic challenge to the AI and the ability to search for specific shadows to spar against could seriously boost the community and competitive scene.

Looks like it’s time to bust out the dusty fight stick and practice ruining peoples day again!

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