First look: 90s-tastic isometric shooter Bombshell

3D Realms and Interceptor have finally released a proper look at upcoming shooter Bombshell, raising the curtain on the isometric, role-playing explosion-fest due out later this year. If things look a little familiar, there’s a good reason.

Around this time last year, Interceptor Entertainment hinted at a new Duke Nukem game. Not long after that, the project was taken to court.

…but then, from the ashes, rose Bombshell. Starring Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison (who has a robotic arm packed with firepower), you’d be forgiven for thinking she started life as a gender-swapped version of the Duke – but she’s quickly proven to be so much more.

Shelly lost her arm (and her squad) after failing to disarm a bomb – an explosion she was then blamed for. Discharged from the Global Defense Force, she was pursued by a private military contractor who offered her a second chance – and a new arm, created from bits and pieces found around the bombsite. Now, of course, she must rescue the President and save the Earth!

The planet is under threat from an evil, mysterious alien race – the Kyrr (yeah, the same ones Duke Nukem was lining up to fight) – lead by scientist-turned-madman Jadus Heskel.

We’re promised a fast-paced game that never lets up: Blending FPS shooting controls with an isometric perspective and roleplaying-style mechanics… Bombshell aims to combine the best bits of your favourite games.

Barring any further legal hiccups, Bombshell is due out some time later this year.

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